Saturday, August 2, 2008

The Mermaid Tiara, The Weekly Challenge, and The Ladies on the Paper Imagery Designs Yahoo Blog List

If you are an altered artist, someone who does assemblage art, or a person who stamps, draws, paints, colors, scribbles, or just likes to visit... I would invite you to meet the friendliest, most supportive group of women I have ever met on the internet via the blog list at Paper Imagery Designs (You can locate them via link to the right). Not only are they talented, they're cheerful! I guarantee they will give you the "warm fuzzies" AND cheerfully share their vast knowledge of the "how to's" of altered art.

Soooo here's this week's story...

Each week, Paper Imagery Designs (PID) hosts a challenge for members of their blog. This week, the challenge was "Atop the Head." Since I missed last week's challenge, I rushed around and gathered up all the things I needed to create the lovely mermaid tiara I envisioned for this project. Working feverishly (well ok, not feverishly but for a couple of hours after work every day this week), I finished my mermaid tiara up on Thursday.

I snap a hundred pictures of said mermaid tiara to get one that is somewhat tolerable and post her image to the photo area of the PID bulletin board. I should point out that all week members of PID have been posting photos of their challenge entries... and I have been restraining myself and not looking at their art. My genius thought is that I will post my project and have one great big reveal after mine is up! Sound enough in theory... So, I post the chosen photo of said mermaid tiara.

I open the folder... all of these gorgeous ATCs have been posted to the challenge folder. Are you with me here? For those of you not familiar with the "lingo" ... Artist Trading Cards! The PID ladies have created all of these beautiful ATCs featuring things on or about someone's head for the "Atop the Head" challenge and somehow... in my fervor... I have... A MERMAID TIARA! Ugh!!! So much for the big reveal! *Insert photo of me banging my head on my desk* I have revealed that I'm an idiot and can't read the instructions. lol There are now a dozen lovely ATCs and one giant mermaid tiara sitting in the weekly challenge folder at Paper Imagery Designs.

I hope everyone is surviving the heat!

Best wishes,

Misti Rose


AlteredByMe said...


Your tiara is beautiful! Congrats on your tiara making the home page honors! See how what you thought was a mistake turned out to be a great thing!!


Mel said...

Absolutly hysterical!! How did I not know you had a blog!!

Karen said...

thank you for the best giggle of the day so far! You definitely have a way with words!! I of course luv your mermaid tiara, and being a newbie to PID myself could imagine myself doing something similiar...
can't wait to see more of you artwork!