Thursday, July 19, 2012

Sewing Technique Challenge at Paper Traders

Paper Traders is having yet another swap - this time it needs to be 5" x 7" and include some type of sewing technique.  I, alas, am not a girl who sews.  Yes, I can stitch a random button on but actually remember how to set up my brand new sewing machine that's been in the box for 10 years? Not a chance!  What to do, what to do?

My solution to the "sewing" requirement? A hole punch and ribbon that I hand stamped! ;)  Sadly, my ability to photograph this piece is right up there with my sewing techniques.  That's ok, at least I'm creating.

Until next time...
Best wishes,

Friday, July 13, 2012

Pinterest... absolutely fascinating!

So, you may (or may not) know that I am a visual person - I like to see pictures of other people's art, I subscribe to certain magazines for the dreamy photos and advertisements, and find inspiration in images.  This week, while struggling with my 5 x 7 Paper Traders challenge (which meant I started blog hopping), I discovered Pinterest.  Can I get a "yeah, baby?!?"  Amazing images there and all kinds of gadgets I do not know how to work yet because... well... I rarely read the "how to" included on web pages. 

Having shared all that... until I manage to create something worthy of sharing (because trust me when I tell you I have three totally unrelated, unfinished projects on my desk), check out things I've pinned on Pinterest.  Some great images there!  I think you can view what I like by clicking on: (but I'm not sure... it's that researching the directions issue again).  In any case, check it out!

Best wishes,

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Colored Zentangles Challenge at Paper Traders

I have finally found the time to quit lurking on the Paper Traders list and start participating!  Fortunately, I had time to sign up for the Colored Zentangles swap hosted by Beckie (thanks, Beckie!).  Zentangles, I learned, is simply a fancy name for the random doodling that I already do.  Who knew it was an art form?

The challenge was to prepare four 3.5 x 3.5 Zentangles using original art.  Lucky me! This meant doodling in my Gratitude Journal and cutting the pages down to size.  I am including pictures of what I will be forwarding for the swap. 

Best Wishes,