Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Bribery... is it Ethical?

I have decided that the blogs I am immediately drawn to are the ones filled with beautiful pictures. (This of course does not include the blogs belonging to people I know... I'm drawn to those because of the bits and pieces of what is important to them are posted - beautiful word images of their lives even if there isn't a single photo posted.) SO I digress... we all know this if you read my blog. When I have the time to randomly search the blog world for people who create altered art, those blogs that I immediately stop and OOOH and AAAHHH over like a small child at the Fourth of July show put on by the largest Army post you've ever come across, would be the ones in which the photo images seem to have been taken by the folks at Somerset.

Now, I can write a story with the best of them. I can tell you tales of pirates meeting beneath the seas and having a mermaid ball. I can describe the feel of antique silk taken from the hem of the ball gown worn by a French maiden during the 1800s ... explaining to my reader that the only reason I have it is because it snagged on my great great grandmother's iron staircase as said maiden fled down the steps to escape the revolution because her Great Aunt was Mme. Marie (yes that Marie!) and my GG Grandmother ran to retrieve said scrap of silk just before her Chateau was burned to the ground by the revolutionaries! (Those bastar... erm... jerks!!)

What I can NOT seem to do is take a decent photograph to SAVE MY LIFE. Not from the pirates and not from those chateau burning, silk gown snagging, head lopping, cake eating revolutionaries!

So, do you think it would be ethical of me to say ... send my artwork to someone to have it photographed if I would just be willing to give it to them so that I could have beautiful photographs too? Would that be bribery? (Am I starting to sound like I'm whining? Because let me tell ya... I'm whining!!!) My mother always said fair exchange is no robbery! I really have to get this whole photo thing figured out. I'm trying to balance this against the fact that the holiday season is coming up and I really REALLY need to be making jewelry to sell instead of playing with paper. :S

I hope everyone is really looking forward to fall. Summer is almost over in Oklahoma and that means it's almost time for me to get to go back outside. I can't wait!

Best wishes,

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Ande said...

I really dont think its bribery. I do feel you have a way with words and can definately paint a lovely picture with them... I think that truley makes up for the picture issue, but I honestly think the pictures on your blog are lovely!!! :) I can not believe how very close Christmas really is... yikes!
I gave you a blogging award today on my blog. Go there to pick it up!
Happy weekend to you!