Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Artwork and Horrific Pictures

I've been merrily "art working" my way along with the ladies at the PID group (Paper Imagery Designs is having a great sale, by the way). Each week I try to take beautiful photos to post to the image database... and each week I fail miserably. There is glare from the flash, the photos are fuzzy, I can't get close enough for the details to show up, I'm too close... you get the idea.

Imagine my surprise as I'm reading along through the digest of daily group posts and I see someone refer to SCANNING their artwork. :::thud!::: You can scan paper?! Who would have guessed! lol Consider me knowledge enhanced. I swore that next week I would scan my challenge piece and have something lovely to post to the photo database... Consider my dismay when someone came up with the great idea of having an inchies cube swap. Another masterful plan down the tubes. Granted, this is not the challenge of the week but I'm now sitting here trying to figure out exactly how I'm going to fit my inchies cube in to the scanner. It doesn't look good...

Anyway, I'm posting a photo of one of my Misti Rose original bracelets today. Unique bracelets are always available for sale at www.MistiRose.com and custom orders are welcome.
I hope everyone is surviving the heat, rain and hurricanes!



ShellyRaeWood said...

Misti you nut. You and I surely must have been seperated at birth!!! :::Smiles::: LOVE the bracelet by the way. I have 30+ pieces of jewelry needing to be on Etsy but still haven't gotten the pics I want. DH did just buy this fancy mega hundred diggy camera. It and I are beginning to understand each other!! I now know what I need, but have yet to buy the proper lighting. Check out this: http://strobist.blogspot.com/2006/07/how-to-diy-10-macro-photo-studio.html
It works great.....I just need a better light source!! Later Gator!! Shelly

Mel said...

Put your inchies cubes on your scanner and place a shoe box over top your work!! Open side down so it covers the light in the scanner and your art work!!