Thursday, July 10, 2008

Was it liberating or ... entrapment? :)

July 4th, 2008 Liberating, that today of all days I finally decide to tackle my website. I've worked on the graphics on and off since January of this year. For some reason, I just couldn't "get married" to it. My husband is pulling a 48 hour shift at the Fire Department, my son (who is home from college) has gone to meet his girlfriend for the weekend, and I am alone for two whole days. I decided I needed to finally face the learning curve of Expression Web (I could just murder Microsoft for cancelling Frontpage but that's another discussion... a serious one!) For a very long time I have lurked around the edges of the type of art that touches me, enjoying it through blogs, web pages, and magazines. I'm such a serious person, with a series of focused jobs in which I am responsible for other people's livelihoods... I decorate with expensive antiques, screech at my family when they don't use coasters, and refuse to use the very expensive hand gilded china made in occupied Japan that was lovingly gifted to me by my mother. (I treasure my china but can't bear the thought of knife marks on my plates... Is it really worth having if you never ever use it? I'm not sure... it is lovely in the hutch.) Overcome by my own seriousness, I've always kept to myself that the art I love is imbued with sparkling tiaras, dusty chandeliers, dragonfly wings, and vintage ribbon mixed in with bits of robins' eggs, mermaids' tails, and a mad dash of German glitter. I think, perhaps, it's time to focus on the sparklies in life... and with that in mind, I have designed this site. I will share my art with you, my thoughts, and sometimes the seriousness that I know I will never escape.

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Anonymous said...

Having read your musings, I'd like to make a couple of my own. Knowing you as I do, it is clear to me that you left out a crucial descriptor of yourself. Serious, yes, that's true. Artistic? Yes, one has only to see your home to realize your artistic genius. What I see no mention of your irreverent sense of humor and your sharp wit. Your readers can expect to be teased, challenged and supported. These are the traits that will shine through once you've mastered the 'art' of the program you are struggling with.
Send more jewelry....Love, Mom