Thursday, July 10, 2008

Great news from Sandra Evertson!

Ramblings for today... Still battling with installing "official" blog software. WordPress has an Install4Free team that is assisting me and even they are baffled. In some way that means I'm vindicated doesn't it? If even the experts are perplexed that suddenly makes me a bit less of an "un-expert." :) (Hey, you have to take it where you can get it these days!) But the grrrreat news of the day... Sandra wrote and my Birdcage Couture Doll will be done soon!!! And!!! She said I could post the pictures she's been sending via email to my website!! (Picture me talking faster and faster here, hopping up and down... which I assure you is about excited as I get because I'm a rather serious person who sometimes needs to be reminded to lighten up.) [Huge run-on sentence, I know... if the Germans can do it so can I.] Anywho....... Pictures of my doll!!! I'll try to spare everyone the download time and compress them and downsize them and all of that...

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