Saturday, July 12, 2008

Beautiful Disaster

I am so inspired by Marilyn Monroe ... perhaps inspired by her is not quite the word to use. I'm definitely drawn to her. Most of the world saw her beauty, her grace, and the smiling personae she developed and honed until she perfected what she needed to be in order to achieve what she wanted. Isn't that what we all do to some degree or another? The catch was that on the inside, even after she had "everything," Marilyn was still agonizingly unhappy within herself. Why is it that we, as people, will go to such great lengths to make ourselves beautiful on the outside and yet be so achingly alone on the inside? Even more importantly, why is it that society judges us on our blonde bombshell attributes and not at all on the artist within?

Astonishingly beautiful, America's sweetheart, married to Joe DiMaggio and, after her divorce, linked to some of this country's most powerful men, it seemed as though Marilyn had it all.

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