Wednesday, September 3, 2008

"Why Larry... That is art."

Ok, I usually don't cut and past my posts to the Paper Imagery Designs Yahoo list that I am a member of. I try to spare y'all the insanity that I subject them to. After all, they know and love me ... many of you have yet to acquire the same type of tolerance for my ramblings that they have. However, I just can't pass up sharing a "Here's your sign" moment I had today. :-) Larry, darling, if you're secretly a member of the ATCing, mixed media, altered art community... take this in the good spirit with which it is written... we love ya baby! lol

I sat at the computer last night watching the list mail, putting old Somerset magazines for sale on Ebay, and designing the envelope I was mailing my bookmark (that should have been an ATC) in to Kim. (I do so love run-on sentences... this is what speaking foreign languages does for you... I know better but if the Germans and the Russians can do it ... lands of castles and enchantment... well then... count me in!)

Anywho ... I have this absolutely fantabulous envelope. It's backstamped with French sayings, there is a quite large PID image of some brat with wings that I hand colored with some new things that Melissa insisted I needed from Michaels. The brat with wings got a dunce hat cut from some French ephemera I had on hand which I glued a contrasting typewriter key ampersand on just for kicks. Then to top it all off, I cut Kim's name and address out in typewriter key alphabet letters and numbers one at a time and glued them to the envelope. With me so far?

Absolutely smashing -I was proud of myself and thought she would be surprised and enjoy getting it as well as the bookmark. I put it in the mail at the office this morning. Larry, our farmer who pretends he's a mailman (remember we have no uniforms or cute mail trucks) comes in this morning, picks up the mail and shouts at the top of his lungs "What is this?" I walk up front and said (using my best Brenda from The Closer voice ... because this is how I deal with all Okie "Here's Your Sign" intelligence these days) "Why Larry ... it's an envelope."

Larry looked at me, blinked, and said "I've never seen anything like this." I looked back at him and said, "Why Larry ...can't you read it?" [Referring, to the typewriter key lettering - not his education.] I politely ask, in my best affected southern drawl, "Will the Post Office not mail it?" Pointing to the envelope I say, "Right there it says Gettysburg." He stared back at me and said "Well ... I guess so ... it has a zip code on it ... I've just never seen anything like it." He turned it over about three times gaping at it.

I just smiled at poor confuzzled Larry and said "Well Larry's art. If you have any problems over at the post office you just let me know, ok?", batted my eyes, and returned to my desk in the back.

Kim may not be getting her envelope.

I hope everyone is having a great day.
::: In my best Brenda from The Closer voice::: Thank you! Thank y'all! Come again!
~ Misti


Dragonlady said...

Hi Misti
hope you are doing well, I sent you a private email....let me know if your got it

Elena Viigl-Farinas said...

I see you are still writing incredbly long chats on your blog!!! LOL!! Just dropped by to say I've missed you! I have a blog now! Yep! Call me miss modern! Check it out at and stay in touch!